God? Art And Dance Sampler 2 (1992)
Never (Remix) Celtic Circle Sampler 2 (1994)
Storm In The Night Celtic Circle Sampler 3 (1995)
The Eyes Of The Amaryllis Grimoire Sampler 2/1996
Destination? Sound Line Sampler Vol. 6 (1997)
On The Edge Celtic Circle Sampler 4 (1996)
Body And Soul

(Coverversion Sisters Of Mercy)

Monochrome, A Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy (1995)
Enjoy The Silence

(Coverversion Depeche Mode)

Reconstruction Time, A Tribute To Depeche Mode (1996)
The Sound Of Silence

(Coverversion Simon & Garfunkel)

Under Cover Vol. V (1998)
The Figurehead

(Coverversion The Cure)

15 Imaginary Songs, A Tribute To The Cure (1999)
Tears In December Zillo Festival Sampler 1999
The Eyes Of The Amaryllis

(Remix By The House Of Usher)

Wave Gotik Treffen Sampler 2000
Waiting For John Wayne (Live 2002) ZILLO DARK SUMMER 2002
Seventeen Seconds (Piano Version) Other Voices, A Tribute to The Cure (2004)
Believe (Refraktor-Mix) Refraktor-Magazin Nr.34  (März 2005)
The End Of Days THAT SPRING  Sampler 2005 
Inside (Live) New Dark Age Vol. 3 (2005)

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